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mardi 8 mars 2011


Secret Masonic handshakes, passwords, grips and signs of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft Fellow Craft and Mason Degrees of Blue Lodge Freemasonry
The hand is taken as in an ordinary hand shake, and the Mason presses the top of his thumb against the space between the first and second knuckle joints of the first two fingers of his fellow Mason; the fellow Mason also presses his thumb on the corresponding part of the first Mason's hand.The name of this grip is "Shibboleth".  When a candidate is imparted with this grip and its usage it is done in this manner:
First, the Worshipful Master says to the candidate:
"I now present my right hand in token of the continuance of friendship and brotherly love, and will invest you with the pass-grip, pass-word, real grip and word of a Fellow Craft.  As you are uninstructed, he who has hitherto answered for you, will do so at this time.  Give me the grip of an Entered Apprentice."
As previously explained from the Entered Apprentice degree, he then has this exchange with the Senior Deacon, who is standing next to the candidate, who is still kneeling at the altar, after having assume the obligation of this degree):
WM:  Brother Senior Deacon.
SD:  Worshipful Master.
WM:  Will you be off or from?
SD:  From.
WM:  From what and to what?
SD:  From the grip of an Entered Apprentice to the pass-grip of a Fellow Craft.
(At this time, the candidate is shown the Pass Grip)
WM:  Pass.  What is that?
SD:  The pass-grip of a Fellow Craft.
WM:  Has it a name?
SD:  It has.
WM:  Will you give it to me?
SD:  I did not so receive it; neither will I so impart it.
WM:  How will you dispose of it?
SD:  Letter or syllable it.
WM:  Syllable it and begin.
SD:  You begin.
WM:  Begin you.
SD:  Shib 
WM:  bo 
SD:  leth
WM:  Shibboleth, my Brother, is the name of this grip.  You should always remember it, for should you be present at the opening or a Fellow Crafts Lodge, this pass-word will be demanded of you by one of the Deacons, and should you be unable to give it, it would cause confusion in the Craft.

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